Can Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia be Cured?

Disease Type:

Depends on type

Management focuses on treating tumors and balancing hormone levels

What is Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia?

Multiple endocrine neoplasia (MEN) refers to a group of genetic disorders that lead to the development of tumors in multiple endocrine glands. Types include MEN1 and MEN2. Treatment involves monitoring, surgical removal of tumors, and sometimes medications. Genetic counseling is crucial for affected individuals and their families to understand the hereditary nature of the condition.

Clinical Aspects


Genetic syndromes causing tumors in multiple endocrine glands


Tumors in endocrine glands, hormonal imbalances


Genetic testing, imaging studies


Variable; depends on the specific type and progression of the disease


Hormonal imbalances, complications of untreated neoplasia

Etiology and Treatment


Genetic mutations


Surgery, medications, monitoring for complications


Surgery, medications, monitoring for complications

Public Health and Patient Perspectives


Genetic disorders leading to tumors in the endocrine glands

Patient Perspectives

Management focuses on controlling symptoms and preventing complications

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